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Course description

If you are wondering that influencer marketing is a short-term fad just like few other marketing techniques which have come and gone within a short period, then you have stepped on the wrong stone. It is not like other techniques rather it is something that has become very dependable for the marketers.

So, you might be thinking who this influencer is and why are they interested in promoting someone else brand.

Oh yeah, we will answer your questions. An influencer is a person who has a lot of reputation and followers on social media. They promote for a short-term period and influence their followers by showing them how to use the product and how will that bring positive effects. These influencers are basically chosen by the brands because of their capacity to reach the audience is much higher than normal marketing.

These people choose to influence only if they think that the product really helps their followers, of course they get paid for promoting that product. Remember no one does that for free! Pay and get your brand promoted, thats how the concept runs. Many people get confused with that of a brand ambassador and an influencer; both are different but working for the same goal of promoting a product.

Okay so, let us clear out your confusion first.

A brand ambassador is a person who promotes the product by word-of-mouth and showing their love towards the brand. They are the ones who have already used the product and the brands should just take them for endorsing the brand for long-term. Now you might have a brief idea of how these two works. The beauty of this marketing technique is that it works for any given brand, lets say for food, fashion, health, lifestyle and any service. Even well-established brands have tried their hands-on influencer marketing and have seen amazing results out of it.

Now, let us explain about a brand that has been in the market for decades and have established as the most used herbal healthcare product. Yes, we are talking about the Himalaya Company.

When they have launched two new variants in facial wipes Purifying Neem and Moisturizing Aloe Vera, they decided to partner up with the influencers to promote the new variants. 152 leading fashion and beauty influencers were chosen, who have tried the wipes and posted some amazing engaging content on their social media platforms. The so called #WipesOnTheGO campaign was such a big hit that the numbers just skyrocketed surpassing all other campaigns in the beauty and wellness community.

So, it is never about the brand being small or big, it is always how useful the product is to the audience.

What are the different types of influencers?                                                                                                                                                   

We will break them and make it easier for you to understand.

1. The Mega influencer or a celebrity: Celebrities have been doing this for a long time. Now that everything has gone digital, they have stepped into this and started promoting the products on their social media channels, influencing their followers to purchase.

These Mega influencers have a huge following and fan base, which can be taken as an advantage to spread brand awareness. But it is only advantageous when the brand or the product really requires a broad reach. This is because the celebrities charge a huge amount of money just to put one sponsored post. We suggest you consider Mega influencer if you want your brand or campaign to reach a maximum number of people.

2. Macro influencer: These influencers are the social media stars who got fame through the web. They will have probably less followers compared to the Mega influencers. These influencers are like mini celebrities who persuade their audience to purchase the product or take up the service by creating engaging content.

3. Micro influencer: Mostly called as niche experts. Though the follower count is less, they tend to maintain the connection and have a personal interaction with their audience on a deeper level. This will help the brands to get a higher engagement rate, as the influencers will get real and stay connected with them all the time. With this, the audience will get a sense of attachment unlike with other influencers who do not interact much with them.

So, we hope you got a clear picture of these different influencers.

But, wait. Do you think it is just that you must go to the influencers social media account, send them your product and money, and start promoting it?

Of course, no. Right!

There is a step by step process to follow, to do this marketing in the right way. Firstly, you need to have a goal. A goal will give you an idea to figure out which type of influencer needs to be sponsored. The goal could be anything to improve the engagement, conversions, awareness of the brand or it is just for a promotion basis. Only if you know the goal, you could plan a better campaign.

So, you are set with the goal for your campaign and now what. It is about finding the right influencers.

The goal and the type of influencer are both interrelated. If you are looking to improve engagement, then it is apt to choose micro-influencers who have high engagement rates.

If it for conversions, then a mix of macro and micro-influencers will do the work in a much better way.

For awareness of the brand, it is better to choose the mega influencers or the celebrities, as they will have more followers and massive reach of the brand is confirmed.

If it is for a promotion basis, then niche experts like the micro-influencers, who have significant engagement rate will do the work better.

Coming to the next step.

We already said that no one works for free, so, the next thing is providing enough compensation for the influencers. This could be done through different compensation models.  

  • Cost per engagement: It is about paying them for the number of engagements that took place on the post. Nowadays, the users are not following someone just because they like that person but rather it is about how different their content is. If the content posted is engaging and interesting, then there will be more engagement.
  • Cost per click: This is about the clicks made by the users that get redirected to the landing page. So, the influencer is paid for the number of clicks on the post.
  • Pay per post: Influencers fix up their compensation rate for each post that they put up. Oh yeah, though you can negotiate with them, they basically charge for a post irrespective of the engagement and conversions received on the post. 
  • Cost per acquisition: You pay the influencer if the user acquires or get converted and purchases the product. It is paying for the number of actions that the post drives.
  • Free products: Who doesnt like to get something in free? Yeah, everyone likes it. In exchange for promoting the brand online, you can offer them a free product to use or free experience to cherish.

The last step is setting up of influencer marketing campaign. Below are the most effective marketing campaigns that you can think of for your brand.

1. Giveaways: You give something and get something else in return, is the finest option that many of the users like. They tend to be more interested in the contests and the giveaways, rather than just looking at the post and liking it. These giveaways bring in a high degree of engagement and action to the post.

It is just that the influencer will ask their followers to like, comment, answer a question or follow a 3-4 step rule to win amazing gifts. This will improve the perception that people have on the brand and interests them in a healthier way.

2. Blog posts: It is not always on social media that the brands can be promoted, it can be done on blog posts too. Blogs are where most of the information is found and it is no surprise that people rely on that to get all sorts of information.

You can ask the blogger to talk about your brand's product and service, the offers that your providing, benefits, etc. With people visiting the blog, the brand's visibility will be increased.

3. Influencer taking over your digital platform: Oh, dont worry! You dont have to give away your business to the influencer in order to gain awareness. You just must give access to your digital platforms for a certain period.

If a food blogger or a travel blogger handles your digital platforms, they can keep posting frequently about their experiences if they have visited a place. That will make it easy for the viewers to get regular updates on a something that they like.

Now that you know what exactly influencer marketing is and how to plan for it. You are all set to go and try it out on your brand.